One of the best things of being part of the gaming industry is the ability to attend events for both fun and for business. This year, like many before, we attended Denver Pop Culture Con (formerly Denver Comic Con) with the intention of sharing our games and having fun.

This year we teamed up with Limn Interactive to show case our games for attendees. Limn Interactive brought out their game Zen Pathz. And we here at SynaptixGames showcased both Day of Destruction and Mars Corps. Over the course of the weekend thousands of people had the opportunity to swing by and play our games and learn a great deal about game development and design.

Our involvement in the event didn’t end there. We were invited to participate in a one hour panel on game development. A lot of people must really want into the industry as the panel had standing room only.

Business aside we had oodles of fun. The creativity of the cosplayers at these kind of events alone is worth it as we witnessed every conceivable character and creature wander past us. Robert may have gone a little nuts with the pictures, which you can see on any of our other social media sites.

The event was wrapped up into a nice neat finale with an after party at Hard Rock Café Denver. SynaptixGames took center stage setting up games for con attendees and restaurant patrons alike, over one hundred of them in fact, playing the night away.

Denver Pop Culture con is an event we attend every year and we are hoping to share a larger space with more game companies to have an even bigger demo booth next year.

What fun that will be!

_K.D. Morey is a writer, artist, artisan and massive nerd. An author of 3 different published sci-fi works and multiple other creations too numerous to list. _